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Where the Impossible IT is Possible!

At Possimpible Consulting, Inc. we believe in forging lasting relationships and being an advocate for your organization.  Utilizing over two decades of experience in the association and information technology industries, we work with your team to define short and

long-term goals, determine the right path for your technology and bring it to fruition.


All associations and companies need the right applications, knowledge, and staffing to attain future growth.  Whether there are budget, staffing or timeline constraints, we know every problem has a solution and will work to make the impossible possible.

Selection ConsultingProject Management


With over two decades of experience working with associations, companies and vendors, staff have the knowledge and skillset to work hard and get the job done right.  While the cost associated with hiring a consultant may seem daunting, the knowledge and expertise will be worth every penny and save you a lot of time and money in the end.


At Possimpible the word partner is not just a marketing gimmick, it is a honor that you have to earn and maintain over time.  Whether we are working with new clients or continuing a long standing relationship with a business, we understand that hard work, consistency and transparency are needed to build a strong foundation for future success.


We believe honesty equals loyalty, and are not afraid to share even the bad news.  The reality is people (our staff, clients, vendors) make mistakes, but through transparency and teamwork, any challenge can be overcome.  Have any questions during a project, just ask, as we are an open book. 

Selection Consulting Services

Selecting the right technology for your organization can be a daunting task.  With new technology companies and applications hitting the market each year, knowing how to navigate the wealth of information to find the right solution can drain both resources and budgets.  

Our staff work with and research vendors and their technology regularly to stay up to date on their current solutions and roadmap.  This knowledge translates to a time and cost effective selection process for your organization.

Contact us to learn more about how our knowledge can help put  your technology on the right path to future success and growth. 

Project Management & Analyst Services

Knowing you have a need, but not being able to define that need or to identify the right path to a solution, can be frustrating, even for the best of us.   Knowing what questions to ask to determine the right solution and how to best implement that solution can be just as daunting. 

Whether your need is long-term, short-term, staff support, training, or just quick questions that you need an answer to, our years working in the trenches with associations and their staff, as a project manager, consultant and analyst can help you find the right solution.    

Every association has unique needs and our services scale to fit those needs in order to ensure success for our clients and ourselves. 

From analysis to project management, let our knowledge be your guide to success.

Who is Possimpible?

Stephanie Ritts

Stephanie Ritts


Possimpible Consulting is founded on decades of experience in the association and technology industries.  With years of walking in my clients shoes and finding solutions for their staff and communities, I have learned that even the most complex timelines, budgets and solutions can be overcome.

Learning and becoming part of your organization is just the first step to a long-term partnership that we will form together on the journey.

Transparency is another key factor to the relationships I have with my clients.  If you ask, I will answer.  As my client’s have learned over the years, I am not afraid to tell it like it is.

If you would like to hear what others think about my services, I am happy to put you in touch.  

Why we do what we do 

“Stephanie at Possimpible RFP’d, project managed and oversaw the delivery of a new Conference Abstract/Paper Peer Review Management system for ASME in under 8 months.  This system will dramatically reduce the time required from our volunteers in the creation of our conferences. 

Her deep experience in our industry, persistence and willingness to go the extra mile allows me to absolutely recommend Possimpible.”

Tim Graves

Managing Director, Technical Events & Content, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for working so closely with the ACR to deliver our new AMS. From the beginning you have been a positive driving force that has enabled us to implement this system in record time. I so appreciate your professionalism and deep understanding of the Association space and tools. Your work has been indispensable to the ACR’s success with our new Salesforce based AMS. Your insights into the various AMS’s on the market through our selection process helped us select the right fit for our organization. You also quickly put the project into action by developing realistic timelines, budgets and backlog items. In short, your leadership has positioned the ACR to be successful with its initial launch of our Nimble AMS and far beyond. Thank you for keeping it fun!”

Nancy Ketchum

(Former) VP, Technology, American College of Rheumatology

Blasts from the past

As a principal project manager for our Personify implementation, Stephanie was a very action-oriented and results-driven professional. She was never discouraged by the complexity of our difficult data-migration, and addressed all issues head-on. Her pragmatic approach to the overall project was key to the successful delivery, and her combined software knowledge and technical prowess enabled her to step in where talent-gaps were exposed. Ultimately she proved to be a highly organized, tenacious, skilled communicator and trusted partner who I would not hesitate to engage on future endeavors.

Tim Crawford
VP, Technology
Camden National Bank

Stephanie is an exceptional consultant with strong analytical, customer and leadership skills. She worked for me for many years in various positions within the professional services division at Personify. I could always count on Stephanie proactively managing all types of challenges. She is excellent at setting realistic customer expectations and delivering to those expectations. Stephanie’s dedication and work ethic is also impressive. Overall, Stephanie is a highly skilled, communicative consultant/manager who can be trusted to deliver.

Paul Sanborn
Vice President, Operations
Economic Systems, Inc.

Stephanie was our Database Vendor project manager for about 7 years. She was an excellent IT project manager who was an instrumental & key factor to the success of many Database upgrades, modifications and improvements that we made over the years. Stephanie excels at being able to multi-task, re-prioritize clients needs at the last minute, keep on task to complete projects on time & within budget… and all with a wonderful attitude. We were assigned a new project manager by our Vendor and sorely miss Stephanie. Anyone who works with her will definitely appreciate her work ethic, project management skills, and technical IT knowledge.

Toni Burkhardt
Director, Database Operations
Biotechnology Industry Organization 

Stephanie is an exceptional IT professional with a wide range of skills and knowledge that are desirable for many IT positions today. I’ve most appreciated her uncommon ability to know a software product, quickly learn a customer’s business and needs, and provide workable and cost effective solutions. She has worked in a fast paced and demanding environment, and been successful while having to juggle the simultaneous demands of numerous clients and projects.

Kevin Kaneshige
Director, IT
American Physiological Society

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